1. Income Tax
    When tax season arrives, we are happy to assist you in filing your tax return. Whether it's your first time filing with us or returning client, it's our promise to provide the best service and guide you through this tax season.
  2. Book Keeping
    It's is our pleasure to work with you and your growing business by offering our Business Services including accounting, taxes, and payroll. Give us a call or email us to review your business needs.
  3. Notary Public
    As official representatives of the state, notaries public certify the proper execution of many of the life-changing documents of private citizens that enable our civil society to function. Notary Services Include: Loan documents, living trusts, marriage licenses, last will and testaments, divorce decree, trusts, power of attorney, acknowledgements, refinancing and mortgages, affidavits, and bank forms, and more.
  4. Green Card Renewals and DACA
    If you are a permanent resident whose 10-year green card has expired or will expire within the next 6-months, you are due for a renewal. (I-90) We provide services to get you on the road to renewal or replacement of your Green Card. DACA: Deferred action for childhood arrivals applications and renewals
  5. Translations
    We translate from English to Spanish. Call us for an estimate! (626) 257-8178
  6. Citizenship Applications
    Apply for Citizenship: If you are eligible to become a U.S. Citizen or you are unsure we can help you verify and begin the process.Once your eligibility is verified, we can help you submit form N-400 (Application for Naturalization)